Opportunity Living
Our Mission
"Providing Special Persons
Opportunities for Living"


    Only those individuals whose needs can be met by the facility will be admitted to Opportunity Living.  All admissions will be contingent upon the pre screening of interested individuals as well as approval by the Admissions Committee.  All applicants must have a diagnosis of an Intellectual Disability or have a brain injury that has occurred prior to the age of 21.  Admission questions can be directed to the Director of Programming and Services.  Please see the Contact Link for contact information.

 For ICF/ID services, please contact our Director of Programming and Services, Kelly Feldman (kfeldman@opportunityliving.org). 

    For Brain Injury and Waiver services please contact the Director of Waiver Services, Jennifer Tornow (jtornow@opportunityliving.org).

Purpose Statement

We Believe:

All Persons have dignity and value.  Some, because of physical and mental disabilities, find themselves unwillingly isolated and segregated.  Our commitment is to provide opportunities in our community that will enable all people to maximize their independence, achieve their personal goals, and attain the highest quality of life with dignity and purpose.

Achieved by:


Providing a least restrictive environment where individuals, with a developmental disability, may reach and maintain their fullest potential and quality of life.

Providing community based residential facilities which will foster a normal homelike atmosphere.

Providing education, service and support to the individual, family, staff, and community.

Providing training in both formal and informal settings which will promote individual growth intellectually, adaptively, and socially.

Providing programming and recreational facilities to be shared with the community that will allow and enhance social interaction.