Opportunity Living
Our Mission
"Providing Special Persons
Opportunities for Living"

Client Services

Services Provided at Activity Center & Client Homes


Music Therapy

    Music Therapy is:  The creative use of music, facilitated by a professionally trained Music Therapist, to bring about positive behavior changes for the rehabilitation, maintenance, and improvement of mental and physical health.

    Lori Anderson MT-BC leads Opportunity Living's Music Therapy Program.  She is a Board Certified Music Therapist, a member of the American Association for Music Therapists and the Iowa Music Therapy Conference.

Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy is contracted from Stewart Memorial Community Hospital in Lake City and the client programs are administered by full time staff Physical Therapy Aids. 

Occupational Therapy

    Opportunity Living shares a full time Occupational Therapist, Lisa Findley, with Stewart Memorial Community Hospital.  Lisa evaluates and oversees all OT programs at Opportunity Living.

Sensory Therapy

    Our senses give us the information we need to function in the world.  Many people with disabilities have difficulty processing sensations, which cause difficulties in daily life.  Sensory dysfunction causes people to process sensation from the environment in an inaccurate way, resulting in either "sensory seeking" or "sensory avoiding" patterns.  Opportunity Living employs a "Sensory Therapy Room" to address individual needs of its clients.  Lisa Findley, OTR, oversees the Sensory Therapy Program.


    Opportunity Living has a full staff of full and part time RN's and LPN's to care for the clients medical needs.  Each home has a nurse during waking hours and an on call nurse at all times.  The activity center is staffed with nurses during operating hours.  Stewart Memorial Community Hospital is located in Lake City and is widely recognized as one of the best community hospitals in the state.  Located adjacent to the hospital is McCrary Rost Clinic, which offers medical professionals in a wide range of specialties. 


    The Speech Department Staff use a variety of low and high tech sophisticated devices, to aid the clients in learning to communicate.  The Speech Department's goal is to help the clients and staff achieve independent client communication, so they can experience the freedom of spontaneous, independent, and interactive communication.

Recreation Services

    The clients of Opportunity Living have all the facilities of our Recreation Center, including the indoor therapeutic swimming pool at their disposal (Please see the "Recreation Center" page).  Additionally, each home has its own Recreation Assistant, who knows the clients and coordinates activities which are appropriate for them.

Vocational Services

    Clients of Opportunity Living are provided vocational training and vocational opportunities within the facility.  Sometimes the use of adaptive equipment is necessary to help clients complete job tasks.  Clients are paid for the work they do.  Some of the goods produced by the clients are sold at Opportunity Living's retail store, known as Celebrations to Go.