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Family Technology



I was so excited when I heard that I could communicate and see Iva anytime I wanted to.  Iva loves seeing mom on the computer. 

I am only 30 minutes from her but with my full schedule as a full-time student, two part-time jobs and work study, my time is limited with Iva.  I want to see Iva's pretty face and see her smile.  Thank you for this wonderful way for us to communicate with each other.  




Living quite a distance from Dominic limits contact but Skyping has opened a WHOLE NEW WORLD for us to communicate...Just being able to see one another, his expressions and delight when weSkype has been great!  We are able to read books, share photos, sing songs and interact in so many ways...It is the next best thing to being there in person!!!  Phone calls were ok but having the visual image that Skype provides has been absolutely awesome.




Video Conferencing

     My wife and I have been using the video conferencing services that are now offered by Opportunity Living.  We use this service to visit with my wife's sister Stacy on almost a weekly basis and this means so much to us.  We live out of state but this service works for anyone that can't visit with their loved ones as often as they would like.  When this service began you could only talk during the day while everyone was at the main building but now video services have been installed in all the houses so you can talk to your loved ones at night and on the weekend, which is great.

     Just within the last few months, Opportunity Living added group video call to their video conferencing service and now we can have multiple family members enjoying the video call at the same time. We highly recommend that you use the video calling capabilities that are now available.

Steve & Sandy

Click on the link below to see a slide show of clients using a few of the technology items provided for them by Opportunity Living. 


Much of the technology costs are provided by "Dream Wishers" Opportunity Living's special events fundraising committee. 



Client Technology Video

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to watch a video of clients using some of the new technology your generosity has provided! 

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