Opportunity Living
Our Mission
"Providing Special Persons
Opportunities for Living"

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Opportunity Living

1890 E. Main St.

Lake City, IA  51449


Fax 712-464-3320


E-mail Directory


CEO                                     Shannon Mahannah                   smahannah@opportunityliving.org

Programming & Services        Patty Sharkey (INTERIM)           psharkey@opportunityliving.org

Financial Officer                   Jill Westcott                             jwestcott@opportunityliving.org

Dir. of Health Services           Patty Sharkey                          psharkey@opportunityliving.org

Dir. of Operations                  Stephanie Corey-Patterson       scorey-patterson@opportunityliving.org

Senior Counselor A & B          Barb Hart                                bhart@opportunityliving.org


Senior Counselor C & D          Trish Christensen                     tchristensen@opportunityliving.org

Senior Counselor E & F           Kim Davis                               kdavis@opportunityliving.org

Senior Counselor S & K           Rita Anderson                         randerson@opportunityliving.org


Senior Counselor N                Jordan Waters                          jwaters@opportunityliving.org

QIDP A,B, & D                       Kasey Stern                              kstern@opportunityliving.org

QIDP C,E, & F                       Trish Nieland                            pnieland@opportunityliving.org

QIDP S, N, & K                      Jordan Waters                          jwaters@opportunityliving.org

Recreation Center              Janice Knobbe                        jknobbe@opportunityliving.org

Community Relations          Liz Meyer                                lmeyer@opportunityliving.org






Mission Statement

"Providing Special Persons

Opportunities for Living"

Our Vision

"To be a provider of quality services and supports for people with disabilities by creating an atmosphere that values full participation of all stakeholders."

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